NBA 2K15 : the game predicts who will be the 2015 NBA Champions.

The playoffs started on April 18th, but thanks to NBA 2K15, we already know the 2015 NBA Champions.

A lot of people bet on which team will be the 2015 NBA Champions, but to know more about it, 2K Games decided to use his basket-ball game to predict the winner of the 2015 edition.

Thus, games have been simulated by the computer, and here is the result:

According to NBA 2K15, The 2015 NBA Champions is the Golden States Warriors beating the Lebron James-led Cleveland Cavaliers in the NBA Finals.

For the moment, NBA 2k15 predictions are « right », even if the scores are not correct. Indeed, The Wizards just eliminated the Toronto Raptors, Cleveland beat Boston, Golden State beat New Orleans, and Houston just beat Dallas last night.

Is NBA 2k15 better than Paul the Octopus?

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