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SPOTTED | Joseph Degbadjo, at only 26, he is the favorite photographer of the celebrities

By: Joseph Degbadjo

By: Joseph Degbadjo

By: Joseph Degbadjo

By: Joseph Degbadjo

What do Chris Brown, Lineisy Montero and Chef Alain Ducasse all have in common? Joseph Degbadjo ; the 26 years old Parisian, who is set on redefining the beauty of timeless photography.

Interview with the young ambitious young man whose simple yet visceral style is already conquering the world of photography.

How did it all start?

After a start in the modeling industry, the fashion world became a fan of his monochromes clichés often destabilizing,  yet minimalist and raw.

 How did he get noticed? 

It all started when he started taking pictures of the model Alexandre Schiffer, during an improvised photoshoot session that caught the eye of the famous agency director of TWO Management.Couple of weeks later, he was taking off to Los Angeles to shoot the books for all the models listed in the famous agency.

His trophies? 

At only 26 years old, who can vent about having photographed all the Victoria Secret Angels, the ex french prime minister, singer Chris Brown, actress Julie Depardieu and even Jean d’Ormesson? Joseph can ! Yes, Vogue’s, Harper’s Bazar’s, Grazia’s, Elle’s and even GQ’s editorial chief favorite, is making his way onto the political as well as intellectual circles.

His career launcher? 

Lineisy Montero’s pretty face. For a couple Fashion weeks now, she is the new up and coming model of the catwalks. But at the origin of this success story, is the infamous “Camera Girl” photoshoot done by Joseph Degbadjo who happened to seduce casting director Ashley Brokaw.

His style ?

A profound liking for realism photography . If the 2000s were the portrait of smooth beauty, Joseph tends to go the opposite way. This self educated and very curious photograph who has developed a very experimental style centered on the play on lights and the absence of touch ups gave to his models a very raw and vulnerable aspect. At ease with silver photography as well as a 5D, or even better, an Iphone, this #makeupfree adept, incarnates a generation in search of authenticity.

His inspirations? 

The work of 80’s photographs Peter Lindbergh, Steven Meisel and Lachlan Bailey as well as his father who traveled the Sahara desert to provide for his family.

His core values?

He wishes to bring a human touch to his work. Just like a writer or a novelist, he is aware that he has an important role in the community through his art.

His motto?

“To get where no one expects you too, you need to be the best”.

His ambition ?

If many predict that he will amount to great things in the photography world, Joseph, him does not rest on in laurels. In true Y generation form, he is building his life like a chapelet, little by little, and taking in all his amazing and rich experiences. The proud graduate of a law degree obtained at the french university La Sorbonne, he does not shut out the idea of maybe going back to school to pass the bar exam, or go into politics… in either case we’ll need to keep an eye on him ! In the meantime you can check out his website here. 

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