JAY Z, Kanye West, Pharrell : rappers in museum

It’s no secret, rappers generally love expensive and often gaudy/ostentatious clothes, cars, and jewels but some of them are more than just avid buyers of high end fashion, design or technology objects. Art has always had a huge influence on rappers and it’s time for Trace to set the list of those rappers who‘ve shown deep interest in art . We all know Jay Z is a man of fine tastes, the “Picasso baby” rappers sings the praises and quotes American neo expressionist painter Mark Rothko, Jeff Koons, George Condo in his song. As a matter of fact during his visit in Paris for his “On the run tour” gig with Beyoncé in October 2014 he did nothing less than privatizing The Louvre museum for him and his family. Their visit was punctuated with selfies in front Mona Lisa for instance below: Kanye West Yeezy’s visionnary mind is not a secret, therefore the Chicago rapper/producer is well known for his deep interest for fashion as much as for art. The most striking example is him enlisting American contemporary artist George Condo to design his 2010 “My dark twisted fantasy” album cover. By the way this cover was censored because of its sexual content.

Kanye and George condoDiddy Diddy’s fortune enables him to splurge on any fantasy and it seems like the acquisition of pieces of art might become one of his favorite shopping sprees. Indeed the Bad Boy owner has been spotted numerous times at the Miami art Basel which is one of the most important art fair in the world inviting 258 galleries from 31 different countries.Diddy and Jeff Koons on his right. Pharrell Williams The super stylish Pharrell Williams is a huge fan of Japanese contemporary artist Takashi Murakami that’s why he hired him to produced the animated music video for his 2014 single “It girl” off his album “G I R L”

Swizz Beatz The producer has always been known as an esthete, his clothing line and limited edition art toys Kid Robot in 2003 is the blatant proof of his involvement. In 2010 he inked a deal with the sportswear brand Reebok in order to design a collection of sneakers. And guess where Alicia key’s husband has found his inspiration from? From the famous American neo expressionist painter Jean Michel Basquiat.

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