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Watch Solange Knowles celebrate black women with this art piece

Solange Knowles is blowing us away again, with this Interactive Art Piece Celebrating Black Women … and if you haven’t seen this yet, you must pay attention to what’s coming next !

She has collaborated with British art institution the Tate Modern to create an interactive digital dossier in response to its Soul of a Nation: Art in the Age of Black Power exhibition. The landmark exhibition features era-defining artworks of the Civil Rights movement and Solange was inspired by a photograph of artist and Black Arts Movement figure Betye Saar to reflect on black identity and black womanhood in her own work. The Rise singer has made a multimedia installation called Seventy States, used to create her own album A Seat at the Table.

In an essay posted on the Tate’s website, Solange wrote whilst working on the album she experienced many different states of being and she felt fear and triumph while working through some of the trauma she set out to heal from as a black woman.

“Seventy States” will be available for viewing online in addition to being on display in the museum.

So inspiring…

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