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WATCH | 195 Lewis, a new series exploring queer, black polyamorous relationships


195 Lewis follows the trials and tribulations of a lesbian couple candidly experimenting a polyamourous relationship.

After touring various festivals since January 2016 including a notable premiere at the International Film Festival of Rotterdam, American series 195 Lewis is finally available online !

Directed by Chanelle Aponte Pearson and created by Rae Leone Allen (who plays one of the lead roles), the series is centered around a group of black queer women who for the most part happen to be polyamorous, living in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. In the first season consisting of 5 episodes, we meet Yuri and Camille, a couple who tests the boundaries of their open relationship as one of them is starting to get more and more attracted to a third party


Yuri & Camille

Through a cast of colourful characters (you will love Anne !), 195 Lewis attempts to (and succeeds) portraits the lifestyle of the afro & queer community of New York. The series oscillate between drama and comedy while the music of producer Norvis Jr. brings rhythm to almost every scenes. With the ambition of being broadcast on TV, the dramedy also offers a few insights on gender, identity and sexuality dynamics with no filter and no taboo. Get ready to binge !

The full season is online since Nov 16 and you ca watched it exclusively on !

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