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SNL: Watch Katy Perry ft Migos’ very very awkward performance

If you’re over the whole ‘left shark’ debacle (Superbowl people…) then Katy Perry is back and she has a whole new dance routine that’s going viral for a very different reason.The singer recently appeared on Saturday Night Live to perform her new track Bon Appetit and things got very interesting around the 1:48 minute mark. Perry, who began the song while spread out on the table like a buffet, proceeded to break from the choreographed routine in a display that might inspire your dad’s dance moves for the next family wedding. Thankfully, the members of Migos managed to power on through with the rest of the performance but people were only interested in talking about Perry.

We’re warning you right now, this cannot be unseen… Take a look for yourself and see why.

Since, the internet had a field day and we loved the reactions!

Well, at least she had fun anyway during the performance.

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