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Content Queen to Superstar; Khanyisa Jaceni releases second EP ‘Halfway’

7 October 2022, from content queen to recording artist, the pandemic birthed a new star, Khanyisa Jaceni. On October 7 th , 2022 Khanyisa Jaceni released her second EP “Halfway” and this is not even the halfway point for what is to come for this music sensation. This Mpumalanga-born and raised superstar shot to fame amid the chaos of the covid period. Following her debut EP “Soft”, Khanyisa will continue her journey to set the South African music scene on fire with this much-anticipated release, featuring producers like Kabza De Small, Marcus
MC, Da Musiqal Chef and Tycoon – this release brings a soulful & funky feel to the amapiano sound. In this project, Khanyisa takes us on a journey through her life experiences with sing-along lyrics, with the complex and iconic amapiano log-drum South Africans and the world have come to love. The EP will also see vocal collaborations with the genre’s pioneers (Lady Du, Sir Trill & Sino Msolo) and has an all-around emotional feel (love, heartbreak & happiness), that will get you through whatever her listeners are dealing with.

“I can’t wait to share these stories with you guys, as you know I am a singer/songwriter, and storyteller I hope you do relate or see yourself in maybe all or some of the songs. I can’t wait to share the
experiences and all of the amazing artists that are featured on this EP.”- Khanyisa enthuses about the release of her second EP, “Halfway”.

Her covid-built Tik-Tok following of 2.3 million, paired with her contagious sense of humour, natural charisma and wholesome persona have resonated with the youth, creating an absolute phenomenon. These have all contributed to the rise in success of this music artist as she takes
South Africa (And beyond) by storm. Over and above this, with her passion for people, collaboration and sincere approach to her many crafts, she has successfully molded a brand that truly makes people happy, hopeful and entertaining. 2022 has been a massive year of success for South Africa’s beloved content creator and artist, with accolades including being the official influencer and music artist for none other than Rihanna’s

FENTY Beauty in Africa. She is also one of Vodacom’s top performing influencers for their “NXT LVL & Get a Gig” campaign. Her successes don’t stop there, as her track “Bheka Mina Ngedwa” celebrates over 3 million views, together with being nominated for a Basadi Award. As for TikTok, her “Zula Zula” track was the start of a viral dance challenge that saw over 1 million participations. These achievements are all ahead of the predicted success of the “Halfway” EP Release, Khanyisa proves she is breaking the mould, that a person can only do one thing or the notion that you can be a jack of all trades and a master of none. This Mpumalanga-born artist is here to show you that she can achieve success in whatever art form she chooses to express herself in. Looking at how amazing Khanyisa’ s previous releases have been received, this release is not one to be missed and you can expect Khanyisa to spend the next few months touring; promoting the EP across South Africa and neighbouring countries.

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