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Eminem is producing a movie about rap battles and race relations

Eminem is producing an upcoming satirical comedy film about battle rap and race relations, needless to say, it’s gonna be dope !

Bodied is directed by Joseph Kahn, known for top-shelf music videos like Eminem’s “Without Me” and Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood.” Kahn co-wrote the script, along with battle rapper Alex “Kid Twist” Larsen. Appropriately, the film is set to feature a wealth of real-life battle rap talent: Dizaster, Dumbfounded, Hollow Da Don, and Loaded Lux as well as Brat Pack icon Anthony Michael Hall and hip-hop personality Charlamagne tha God.

When is out in theaters?

Bodied premieres September 7th at the Toronto International Film Festival.

Watch the trailer below in which someone doing a good impression of a dweeby white grad student gets bodied in a rap battle:

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