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Kim Kardashian: “I do not defend people who are racist”

Well thank you for clearing that up Mrs.Kardashian-West !

Recently, Kim Kardashian is being criticized for defending a make-up artist with a history of racist remarks.

Jeffree Starr is known for his online tutorials, but his work been overshadowed by past online comments. He posted a tweet saying the formula for Kim’s new make-up looked “like chalk” and was berated by Kim’s fans for it.

She then responded, recording a video asking for fans to leave Jeffree alone.

But the wife of Kanye West didn’t seem to understand where her fans were coming from, and instead asked them to stop targeting Jefree online. That was, until she realized she had messed up and then decided to release a statement saying: “From the bottom of my heart, I’ve always been about positivity and I’ve never been a negative person, so my whole thing was: ‘Hey guys, I don’t want to see negativity in my timeline or my mentions, let’s just move forward — let’s be positive and move past this’.”

Our response:

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