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Kehlani has a message for people who want to celebrate Columbus Day

In a very recent Instagram post, Kehlani had a few words to share about Columbus Day.

While are going to be celebrating the day with their family, enjoying a meal or just having the day off, Kehlani decided to speak out. She posted a picture painted by Ernesto Yerena of Indigenous elder that said “We the resilient have been here before.”

She went on to post a lengthy caption along with the post that explained why exactly Columbus day. Citing the fact that it’s a day that celebrates “rape, torture, robbery of land and culture.” Kehlani herself is part native as well. In her post, she tells her fans to take time to learn the history behind the day and tells her other Indigenous people to fully understand their rights to their land.


A movement to abolish the national holiday has gained momentum in recent years, with many opponents calling Columbus Day a painful reminder of the suffering and death initiated by Columbus’ voyage to what came to be known as the Americas. There’s been a push to replace the holiday with Indigenous Peoples Day, which celebrates and honors the victims of colonialism rather than the oppressors and tyrants.

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