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Empire : Is this the end of Jamal Lyon?

Actor Jussie Smollet just announced that he has quit the hit show Empire in which he plays Jamal Lyon.

We’ve all grown to love Empire which seems to be the biggest show depicting Black Excellence on mainstream TV. After two seasons we’ve become so accustomed to the Lyon family and each of us has our own favourite character. For some, this is Jamal Lyon (Jussie Smollett) who plays a vital role as the gay prodigal son, raising awareness for LGBT experiences within the African American community.


Each week Empire is full of unexpected surprises and episode 17 this week ended with a major cliff hanger, as Jamal is shot and rushed to hospital; possibly indicating the death of his character.


As if that wasn’t disheartening enough, Smollett then tweets:

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time w/ @EmpireFOX. I love you all. Truth. Time 2 make a record & some movies. #Empire”

This has left us all! Does this mean that’s the end of our weekly dose of Jamal’s sweet melodies on Empire?

I guess we’ll have to tune into the Season Finale to find out!


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