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Donald Glover and Chance the Rapper among Time’s 100 most influential people of 2017

TIME magazine has shared its fourteenth annual list of the 100 most influential people in the world, and it includes a clutch of familiar faces !

Each inclusion has been given a written testimonial by another A-lister. “I feel like Raf Simons is important for the culture based on the fact that he built a whole new religion around fashion,” says A$AP Rocky of Simons, while Tina Fey claims that Glover is currently serving up “best-case-scenario millennial realness.”

Raf Simons, Chance the Rapper, James Corden, Conor McGregor, Donald Glover, Neymar, Alessandro Michele, and LeBron James are but some of the stars to feature. Each of those listed were plucked from five separate categories: pioneers, artists, leaders, titans, and icons.

The list has only been published since 1999, and yet already some celebrities and politicians have been named upwards of 10 times. Former President Barack Obama was named every year since 2007 and once before in 2005, for a total of 11 times. Perhaps unexpectedly to some, but hopefully not most readers, is the runner-up, Hillary Clinton. She was featured on the list 10 times before this year. Oprah Winfrey and German Chancellor Angela Merkel come in next at nine and eight mentions respectively.

Check out the gallery above !


To find out more about the TIME 100, head on over to the magazine’s website here.

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