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Brothers With No game season 3 is now available on TRACE Play

A third season filled with Plot twist

A typical British tongue-in-cheek tone, an incredible friendship, a whole bunch of funny situations and a perfect blend of social commentary are the ingredients that comprise the recipe of Brothers With No Game’s success! TRACE Play phenomenal series, depicts the trials and tribulations of a group of 4 childhood friends who are experiencing a quarter life crisis. The show comes back this month with the third season and we can definitely expect a lot of unforeseen developments.

A TRACE Play exclusive content

In this season Theo, Marcus, Dorian and Junior are funnier than ever, they manage to move us as well putting forward all the interrogations that come along at this turning point of their respective lives. These fears and anxiety are well described and shown in a very cunning and sensitive way! Dealing with relationship issues, social pressure coming with responsibilities, family, friends and work happens to be a hell of a challenge for these brothers.  Without a shade of a doubt this eventful season will delight the aficionados and definitely win over some new fans thanks to this endearing, irresistibly funny and touching group of friends.

Brothers With No Game

Brothers With No Game

To start off this year the best way, check out this new season and the two previous ones on ! And since we really like you, we’re giving you a promo code: BWNG that grants you FREE access to TRACE Play for 2 weeks (until 01/31/18).

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