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5 creative women you should follow on Instagram

It’s International women’s day ! To celebrate this special day we have gathered 5 Instagram accounts to follow if you’re in search of inspiration and motivation. All ran by women, of course.

Laetitia Ky

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#bodypositivity #bodypositive I live in Ivory Coast and there, beauty standarts are completely different from those of the western countries. Thick Women are praised and considered as the most beautiful. I always had small boobs and small booty and people used to bodyshame me especially during my teenage periode where i was thinner because of some problems that I had. "Does she eats?" "I feel like she's going to break," "she looks like she is sick" "she's awful". For the sensitive and unstable little girl I was, it was not easy. My self-confidence was low and I didnt think I could accomplish anything in my life. When I was 18, a lot of things changed for me. I have met, discovered people and experienced events that helped me to love myself as I am, and this growing self-confidence in my physicality has affected my entire life. I started to dream, to have projects and to believe that i was able to achieve them despite my limitations. Media and social networks do the apology of a particular type of woman. Flat belly, big breast, and big booty. Most of the time the photos are edited. Girls with different morphology create complexes and try desperately to achieve bodygoals sometimes unrealisable. it make me sad because I know how complexes can affect someone's life. Yes, the women who are always represented in the media are beautiful. But guess what? You are too. we all are. Beauty is Thin, thick, flat tummy or not, big boobs or not, strechmark, cellutite, bodyhair… We must understand that true beauty is a state of mind. It's about feeling good about yourself. This state of mind is always reflected in the energy we release, in our aura and gives us incredible power that allows us to achieve great things. Let's learn to be kinder to ourselves and to our body because it's our best companion. It's okay to do things to bring out the best of us (Sport, cosmetics, special diet..) but always make sure that you use healthy and not dangerous ways because health is the most precious gift. feeling good inside is just as important that feeling good outside. you deserve to be loved and respected, whatever you look like and if people around you can't do that let them go away.

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Laetitia Ky is an incredible hair sculptor who uses her passion for braiding to share a message of tolerance and acceptance. She is based in Ivory Coast.


The SlumFlower

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Via her social media accounts, 23-year-old Chidera Eggerue started a whole movement called #SaggyBoobsMatter. A way to declare her confidence and to urge other women to stop trying to fit into unrealistic beauty standards.

Araki Koman

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Hi, my name is Araki. Welcome if you are new here. I am a fulltime freelance Designer and Illustrator from Paris currently living and working in London. I am going to relocate to Japan in October 2018 – I knew I wanted to be an Artist from very early in life. I was drawing and creating constantly as a child but stopped from 16 to 26 because of insecurities. Minimalism helped me overcome that block. In return, I would love to use my experience and the power of minimalism to inspire art enthusiasts and blocked artists to embrace their creative side. This is a project I am starting to develop alongside my artists career and I am sharing it with you now for accountability (… aaand because this new direction will slowly take over my feed over the next few months). If this resonates with you and you would like to share your thoughts, please DM me 😘 This is the beginning of a new journey, hope you’ll enjoy my baby steps – 📷 @muna_ally

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A few months ago, Araki Koman launched a crowdfunding campaign to help her work on a global project celebrating diverse cultures through fashion called Global Couture. This French illustrator’s fanbase is slowly growing and trust us you’ll be proud to say you knew her from her early beginnings.


You remember the game HairNah that got viral last year ? We’re sure you do. Well we also hope you haven’t forgotten about the woman who created this great game : MomoPixel. Follow her account for your daily dose of virtual reality.

Muses Uniform

Muses Uniform aka Nelly is a food, fashion and lifestyle blogger. Her Instagram account is a glamorous depiction of her everyday life.

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