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8 african artists you need to be following on Instagram

African artists are getting more and more recognition, partially because it’s the age of social media where they can share their work with the world for free, but also because so much is happening in the sociopolitical atmosphere that it would be impossible to not be inspired. Artists have a lot to say (and paint, and photograph, and sculpt) now more than ever and the creative industry is thriving on it.

So we’ve rounded up the 8 artists who stand out, make us think and keep us scrolling down their Instagram feeds:

Tony Gum

Paps Touré

Lina Iris Viktor

Laolu Senbanjo

Toyin Ojh Odutola

#ShenWei #Research

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Wangechi Mutu

….Let there be peace on Earth….

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Benjamin Biyenda


#blackandwhite #bnw #monotone #monochromatic#noir #fineart_photobw #paris

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