Benny Afroe and Ami Faku bring “This Feeling” to life

Johannesburg, Monday, 14 September 2020 – Young, fresh, musically trained artist, Benny Afroe, brings his latest collaboration “This Feeling” to life with Eastern Cape’s South African Voice of Modern Afro Soul, Ami Faku.


With scenes that remind you of a high school/teenage love affair, the music video for “This Feeling” presents a beautiful and colourful scenery with themes of love, nostalgia and childhood giddiness that new love gives you.


“Creating the song with Ami Faku was so effortless and the music video came about with the same ease. “This Feeling” will definitely go down in my music catalogue as a classic,” shares Benny Afroe.


Watch the “This Feeling” music video with Benny Afroe and Ami Faku here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SEW5eKmXhI



With an undeniable chemistry off screen when making the song, Benny Afroe and Ami Faku brought the chemistry on screen through the music video characters who have given life to the song – making a seamless connection with audiences who are transported back in time to reminisce about their experience of their first time falling in love.


A romantic number with a distinctive nostalgic rhythm & blues ambiance, “This Feeling” music video wraps up the successful release that charted in the Top 100 Radiomonitor AirPlay Chart as Benny Afroe prepares to release new music this month.


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Stream or download Benny Afroe and Ami Faku’s “This Feeling” here: https://orcd.co/this_feeling


And watch “This Feeling” come to life here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3SEW5eKmXhI


Connect with Benny Afroe:

Facebook: Benny Afroe

Twitter: @bennyafroe

Instagram: @bennyafroe

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