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MOE Champions Self Care With Her Latest Single “me, ever after”

Johannesburg, Friday, 28 October 2022 – In honour of the iconic quote “An artist’s duty is to reflect the times,” MOE. has dived into the mental health rally call of the millennial/Gen-Z generation. In the wake of a fast-paced world where it is easy to neglect oneself in being service to friends, clients, family and romantic partners, MOE. releases an ode to self-care with her latest single, “me, ever after“, the title song of her forthcoming debut EP.

Listen to “me, ever after” here:

Curated for solo date and self-pampering enthusiasts, “me, ever after” is complemented by a grand orchestral opening and beautifully haunting violins, MOE. hones into searing vocal textures evoking emotive narrative and uncompromising R&B sonic prowess in a bid to advocate for putting herself first, a staple philosophy that has carried her in every spectrum of her personal and creative life. Through the ballad which serves as the antithesis of people pleasing, MOE. reminds herself and her listeners of the empowering effect of setting boundaries.

“‘me, ever after’ is the best way in which I could express a lifelong commitment from me to me (and for you to you) to never compromise on loving myself, no matter the circumstances” shares MOE., she adds “Though it’s my song, I really feel like I desperately needed to hear its message as well.”
Spoil your ears to the sounds of self-pampering and request “me, ever after” on your favourite radio stations and connect online with MOE. for more music news.

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