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Intombi Yomzulu Meets Pop Funk With Azana’s Latest Music Video For “Zalabantu”

Johannesburg, Friday, 25 November 2022 – uZibandlela (December) in the modern sphere of IsiZulu Culture is home to two rites of passage: uMemulo (the “21 st Birthday” womanhood initiation) and uMembeso (the traditional wedding). In harmonic unison with the unwritten traditional calendar, SAMA Award Nominated singer-songwriter, Azana, compliments her latest single “Zalabantu” with an evocative music video.

Watch Azana’s “Zalabantu” official music video here: 

Reimagining the contextual nuance of traditional and cultural visual treatments, Azana explores an old-school kwaito-esque creative direction for “Zalabantu”, tapping into the bright, ghetto funk retro wardrobe reminiscent of the nostalgic early 2000s diva archetype, contrasting the historically shy character traits of a traditional Zulu girl.

In her audacious, flirtatious, dramatic and assertive stride, iGagu of Afropop commands the room affirming her value (iLobolo (dowry), worth well over R2Million) and the urgency to which her suitor must put a ring on it to win her eternal love and loyalty.

Clan chants, traditional attire, dance, cuisine and the staple “Mqombothi” (traditional beer) are all the rage this festive and Azana is the soundtrack to matrimonial memories. Be sure to request “Zalabantu” on your favourite radio and television stations and connect with Azana on social media for more music news.

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