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Gang Signs & Prayers : Stormzy takes grime to another level on debut album


Finally, the No.1 Grime artist in the UK puts out his new album Gang Signs & Prayers for all the Grime lovers out there!

But there’s a twist in his new album, as it sounds like he’s trying to explore new genres with more R&B songs, a big change compared to his usual sound.


Gang Signs & Prayers – Stormzy

Indeed the new album of Stormzy album is a perfect mix between high emotions inspired by soul and hip-hop and dynamic rhythms ,thanks to his grime origins. Once you hear the tracks you finally understand the name of the album. For instance “Blinded by your Grace” is really calm and soulful while the following track “Big For Your Boots” is a certified grime banger. These songs are totally opposite in genre. Exactly as Prayers vs Gang signals. We even hear Stormzy sing ! Which is VERY unusual from a grime artist.

More than 8 million views on YouTube


This album is even more surprising for listeners as his latest single “big for your boots” after 7 months of silence was more than Grime! And for your personal note the video has reached more than 8 millions views on YouTube in only 22 days .. it looks like this grime artist is getting a bigger and better each day, don’t you agree?

If you want to see the award winning grime act on stage, it is now or never! Get your tickets for his show in Glasgow taking place at 02 academy on 5th of April for only £22.55. Sorry for Londoners all tickets  for the Brixton concert are sold out!

We recently heard new features from him with Ed Sheeran and more mainstream artists. Will he stick to Grime? More R&B? Only him knows. Anyway, Stormzy thank you for this vibes. TRACE is looking forward to hearing your Merky tunes.

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