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Vicky R , the rap star

For Black Girls Rule, discover each day a different personality from a talented, creative and innovative black woman.

Young beatmaker and Gabon rapper, Vicky R already has success on her bucket list ! In 2016, she releases her hit song ‘La base’, produced by Owoninho. Her EP is already in the works and coming out soon, which will include another hit song of hers called “Plan B”.

Here is our exclusive interview with Vicky !


Why do you think it’s important to dedicate a day / week or month to women ?

I think it’s important to celebrate women as a whole because this day was made to make people aware of the things that we as women have to face on a daily basis.

Who is the woman that inspires you the most?

My mother.

The song that motivates you every time?

There’s a couple, but my favorite is by Travis Scott – Antidote.

A movie you could watch over 100 times?

A Prince in New York with Eddy Murphy !

A book worth calling your bible?

A book called “La Papure” by Guy de Maupassant.

An object you bring everywhere with you ?

My computer, to either work or compose.

The best advice anyone has ever given you when you were younger ?

Learn how to say no.

The meme that best describes you ?

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