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The Internet accused Kim Kardashian of doing drugs in her Snapchat

Kim K first claimed it was sugar, but it turned out to be something very different!

The Reality TV star had the internet in uproar once again after fans thought they spotted what appeared to be drugs in the back of one of her Snapchats… but Kim’s come out and debunked what the substance really was.


Kim was promoting her kids clothing range on Snapchat and there appeared to be two lines of something people assumed to be cocaine on the table behind her that she was oblivious of. After people started Tweeting her questioning what the substance in the background was, Kim claimed it was sugar from an earlier trip to Dylan’s Candy Shop in New York.

People were still not convinced that the stuff in the background of the Snap was just sugar from the pixie sticks they had bought – and it turns out it WASN’T.

It was just the pattern in the marble counter. Oooooh.


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