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The disastrous style evolution video of Beyoncé that startled the beyhive

Because Beyoncé deserves better.

Over the weekend, the Facebook page Top Knot, which is run by BuzzFeed‘s Style section hired a young woman to play Beyoncé for the minute and half long video to portray the “Iconic Beyoncé Looks Through The Years”. Well… plot twist, things didn’t go as expected.

Twitter, naturally, immediately took notice and for numerous Twitter users the looks were not only inaccurate but disrespectful. Between the makeup off point, synthetic wigs, a horrible stylist and even that awkward smile the model gives to the camera , no one was fooled. And unfortunately for her, the video has already been seen over 500,000 times, bad buzz galore.

We’re just waiting to see what Queen B has to say about it, but for now let’s leave it to the Internet !

Beyoncé in the “Say my name” video / Source: Giphy

And here is Buzzfeed’s version:

But wait there’s more…

Beyoncé in the video “Run the World (Girls)” / Source: Giphy

And here is Buzzfeed’s version:


And one more for the road…

Beyoncé in the video “Single Ladies” / Source: Giphy

And Buzzfeed’s version:

Click above to see the video !

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