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Remembering Prince 1958-2016 : A year later

Pop-music icon Prince passed away this same date, in 2016. Since then, celebrities and fans around the world have been mourning his death. Prince has left a significant gap in the pop-music world that is too large to fill.

Prince began his journey to pop stardom in 1978 in Minneapolis, Minnesota where he released his first album, For You. He was not your average performer; he could sing, dance, and had an uncanny talent for playing various musical instruments. In fact, he could play 27 different instruments flawlessly. Prince wrote hit songs for famed celebrities and performers such as Chaka Khan, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper. He created his own comic book called Prince and the Power Revolution and wrote the story for the hit movie Purple Rain. Prince was just a jack of all trades.

When it comes to his music videos, he pushed boundaries. He combined his lyrics, with abstract visuals. You never knew what you were in getting into when watching a Prince music video. He maintained creative control to the very end and gave the public some of the most memorable music videos of all time.

With that said, take a look at how Prince’s fans are remembering him:

and of course let’s not forget this memorable video…

But you can relive the purple experience by going on TracePlay and watch his live concert and…

his documentary ‘His Name Was Prince’ !

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