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Loza Maleombho, the shining star of african fashion

For Black Girls Rule, discover each day a different personality from a talented, creative and innovative black woman.

Brought up between the US and Africa, this young 30 year old Ivorian knows how to mixes modern and traditional fashion.

How she did get noticed?

She’s been a star on the web for years now, but Loza Maleombho got noticed in 2015 with her photo series Alien Edits, a series of autoportraits mixing African esthetic and elegance.

"Exodus: Queens" #AlienEdits

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Her career

The young woman is the creator of the popular ‘gladiator’ african sandals, that went viral in 2014. In 2016, it’s Beyoncé herself that fell in love with her creations and chose to put her shoes in her music video : ‘Formation’ !

Her passion ?

Mixing traditional with contemporary.

Follow her on below :
IG @lozamaleombho

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