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Kim Kardashian: is her comeback a total gamechanger?

After her retirement from social media for about 3 months, Kim K is officially back amongst us. Which means she probably wants a fresh start. Can we already say her Instagram comeback was legit and a total success ? We’ll explain below.


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Because deep down, people really do like her

After her Parisian episode, where she happened to be held at gunpoint during Fashion Week, Kim Kardashian got a lot of attention worldwide. Becoming the number one story on every tabloid, her popularity status maintained, and her misadventure got her a lot of sympathy from people.

Because she’s not so trashy anymore

Who said Kim Kardashian was egocentric? By publishing her new family picture shes shutting down all the rumors saying Kim Kardashian did not rhyme with elegance. On the angelic picture, Kanye, Kim herself, and their two children North and Saint.

Because fans were patiently waiting

Over 3 million likes on just one picture… it’s true Kim Kardashian was truly missed.

Because now people are wondering

Didn’t go unnoticed, Kim K took off the West on her Instagram. But what’s it all about? We are dying to know…


And little bonus, Kim K even shared a very remixed family video version 90’s. Get ready to bring out those klenex !

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