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Is Nicki Minaj dating Nas? Twitter seems to think so !

Are Nas and Nicki Minaj hip-hop’s newest power couple? There’s never really any one definitive way to prove these sorts of things without an announcement from the theorized couple itself, but a series of social media posts definitely seem to point in that direction—at least, at first glance.

In this Instagram post that Nicki uploaded earlier this morning, Nas has his arm wrapped around her shoulder, and she looks as comfortable as can be :

One Twitter user noted both Nas and Nicki were wearing the same circular pendants on their chains. For many people, this, in conjunction with Nicki’s Instagram post, would spell “relationship,” but waiiiit a second.

If you were paying close enough attention, though, you’d have likely peeped the “congrats” part of Nicki’s caption. While she definitely thinks quite highly of herself, we’re pretty sure she wouldn’t say “congrats” to someone for dating her.

With that in mind, it appears she and Nas—who are both from Queens, New York—were celebrating a recent accomplishment. But what’s the accomplishment? It’s still unclear, but whatever it was, Statik Selektah, who posted his own photo of himself with Nicki and Nas, appeared to be celebrating with them.

Dinner with Nas & Nicki. 🏦

A post shared by Statik Selektah (@statikselekt) on

We’re still putting the pieces together on this one, but for now this is how Nicki is feeling about it:

Pretty in Pink 🎀 jacket by #Givenchy

A post shared by Barbie® (@nickiminaj) on

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