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Drake gets accused of getting a woman pregnant

Hold up, is Aubrey Graham going to be a father? According to an Instagram “model” Layla, Drake is playing her dirty. She is claiming to be pregnant and saying that he is denying her phone calls now. She also added that he hurt her because she believed he was a good guy. “Never be so naive, when a guy disrespect you” she wrote. Her message was pretty loud and clear on her feelings about Drake and her situation.

Within three separate Instagram posts she exposes text messages and a pregnancy test as evidence. Layla is claiming that DJ Spade had slid into her DMs and told her that Drake was interested. She even showed the messages between her and Spade. According to Layla she had no intentions in going after Drake, he went after her. However, she claims she didn’t want to seek attention but felt it was necessary to put men like that on blast. Is this a publicity stunt from Layla or do we have another Chris Brown situation?

Drake is known to love being around strippers and models so it’s not a doubt that this could happen to him. Will we really see a baby Drake in the making?

For now, the rumor is ongoing even after DJ Spade, the man she claims introduced her to the rapper, is now revealing alleged proof that it’s all a big lie for money. You be the judge and checkout the evidence above !

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