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Antoinette Gomis, the dance muse

For Black Girls Rule, discover each day a different personality from a talented, creative and innovative black woman.

Dancer and choreographer Antoinette Gomis is one of the best street dancers on the french dance scene.  She did a musical comedy called Kirikou, directed by Wayne McGregor (2007). Which brought her to New York to danse by pop legend, Madonna’s side, who was in the middle of launching her new clothing line called Material Girl. Shes also worked with choreograph Bill Goodson (Michael Jackson, Diana Ross…) in Italy and has portrayed “Santa Cecila” at the Chiambretti Sunday in Milan. But all of this hasn’t stopped from going back to her old stopping grounds to dance to house or waacking, but also her personal favs (Funky Stylerz, Soul Session, Nike Bring your Troupe, Juste Debout République Tchèque…). In 2013, she was elected by her online followers to join the PUMA THE QUEST team where she would assist Salah Benlemqawanssa (Cirque du Soleil), the choreographer on this project. This experience pushed her to open up to new styles such as (Krump, breakdance, le mime). Today, Antoinette Gomis keeps on teaching throughout the world and is giving herself a new challenge, to choreograph. Her first solo, IMAGES, was noticed by the Breaking convention team at Sadler’s Well Theater in London (a very popular theater in England) , and since then she’s been performing with them at Apollo Theater in New York and the Blumenthal Performing Arts Center in Charlotte, NC).

What is up to now ? She’s currently on tour with a goal to take over the world, one dance at a time. Next dates are in Brazil from June 14th till 18th at Rio H2K Festival (Rio de Janeiro), and Jazz at the Vienna Festival (France) in June 30th. An African tour is also planned.

Her short film below:


Here is our exclusive interview with Antoinette Gomis !



Why do you think it’s important to dedicate a day / week or month to women ?

On one side, it makes me mad to have to ask permission to be considered as a woman. But then I do understand the necessity to speak up and make people aware of what the real realities are. There’s still a lot of work to do, but it’s a good way to start.

Who is the woman that inspires you the most?

It’s super cliché, but my mother.

The song that motivates you every time?

Diana Ross “it’s my house”.

A movie you could watch over 100 times?

Alice in Wonderland, the cartoon.

A book worth calling your bible?

Nina Simone: “One Life”

An object you bring everywhere with you ?

My mother’s loincloth.

The best advice anyone has ever given you when you were younger ?

Get to work ! You get nothing if you do nothing. Keep persevering and keep on working, it’s the key !

The meme that best describes you ?


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