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Yemi Alade gets caught up in a love triangle in her new video for « Tumbum »

Poor Yemi Alade falls for the same lies again in the video for « Tumbum« , her latest single.

For the sixth single off of her album Mama Africa, Nigerian songstress  Yemi Alade has chosen to release « Tumbum », a song that might encounter the same success as the now famous « Johnny ». On the Selebobo-produced track (the musician has been a long-time collaborator now), the proclaimed « queen of afrobeats » uses and abuses of the vocabulary of her home country food to tell the story of a love triangle.


Yemi Alade & comedian Ime Bishop Umoh

In the video, she plays the role of a village cook known for her tasty jollof rice and beans. Her man, played by comedian Ime Bishop Umoh, is fond of her cooking but it looks like he also has a thing for the fufu served in another restaurant owned by Yemi’s rival, starring actress Beverly Osu.

Watch the video below !

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