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Grammys 2017 : Beyoncé’s mother of a performance

The diva performed “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles” during her Grammys performance on Sunday night. Go Beyoncé !

It was THE performance that everyone waited for and the audience was not deceived. Beyoncé, who recently announced her pregnancy on social media in the most Beyoncé way possible rocked the Grammy Awards yesterday in Los Angeles.

After a brief introduction by her mother Tina Lawson, Queen Bey appeared wearing a long gold gown paired with a gold crown and everything gold.

Beyoncé at the Grammys 2017


A tribute to maternity

Accompanied by her dansers, which were all perfectly coordinated, Beyoncé’s performance was helped by multiple projections and holograms to deliver this message: help understand the audience understand the bond that ties a mother to her child (daughter in Beyoncé’s case). We could see her wearing lingerie that highlighted her baby bump , then alongside Blue Ivy and her mom Tina in a lifelike painting portraying beauty at it’s finest.

Beyoncé, who is pregnant with twins, wasn’t too much of a risk taker until she tipped over on a chair after walking on a table like a tightrope walker. A table and chairs sound familiar ? A possible allusion to her sister, Solange, and her new album A Seat At The Table.

Beyoncé at the 2017 Grammys


At the end of her performance, the audience stood and gave her a standing ovation and the diva sent out air kisses to husband Jay-Z and daughter Blue Ivy sitting front row.

Relive Beyoncé’s performance above !

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