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Check out this video mashup of 40 years of your favorite hip hop songs !

Combining 40 years of hip hop into one cohesive song is an ambitious endeavor,YouTube channel’s The Hood Internet, attempt is pretty legit !

The Chicago duo behind the Youtube channel are known for their mastery of the mashup and for their latest project they take on the daunting task of birthing a mix that encapsulates 40 years of hip-hop music. Their recent mashup, « 40 Years of Hip-Hop », seamlessly blends 150 songs spanning decades into a nearly four minute insane track that will take long-time hip-hop fans on a stroll through memory lane. This homage to hip-hop is nothing less than an in-depth history lesson.

« It’s not a chronological history of hip hop. It’s rappers from different eras finishing each other’s rhymes over intersecting beats, » the channel wrote on YouTube.


Check out how many MCs you can name from this mashup, in the video above !

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