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5 Things to Know About New Tv Series : The Get Down !

Sooooo needless to say, we’ve found our new favorite summer TV series, new hip hop show: The Get Down. The series is a 1970s-set musical drama that follows a rag-tag group of Bronx teenagers who help birth hip hop as we know it. Mix in a storyline of New York City’s crumbling economy during that era and you’ll find that the show is complex, fascinating, and visually stunning.


Here are the 5 things you need to know about the show :




1. BAZ LUHRMANN created the show :

The famous director of favorites like The Great Gatsby and Moulin Rouge created, wrote, and directed the new famous video on demand service series. But even he admits, he had a lot of help from the originators of hip hop themselves, like Grandmaster Flash, Nas, and writer Nelson George, who all contributed to the show.


2. The cast had LEGENDS teaching them how to rap:

To take it a step further, the cast, that included Jaden Smith and Shameik Moore de Dope, learned how to rap from the original hip hop greats. “The rapping took awhile to learn,” Justice Smith says. “Any time I felt insecure, I had Kurtis Blow, Raheem, and Grandmaster Flash telling me to pick myself up and really go at it full force. Kurtis Blow taught us the movements that you do while you’re MC’ing and certain phrases that you rely on when you don’t have any more rhymes, things that were very common from MC to MC.”


3. The narrator’s rhymes were written by Nas, and the narrator is Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs : 

Executive producer, Nas, as well as some of hip-hop’s “founding fathers” were advisers on the series, including Grandmaster Flash who was, essentially, the incumbent fact-checker for the key narrative elements, according to NME. “It’s somewhere between pure rap narration and a sort of Greek chorus comment, and we use it a lot throughout,” Luhrmann said, according to Rolling Stone.




4. Grandmaster Flash has been trying to tell this story for decades: 

When hip-hop became popular in the 1980s, Grandmaster Flash wanted to tell the story of where it came from. With the press focused on presenting the 1980s on screen, Flash had no reference to convince them the 1970s were where it was at… that was until Baz Luhrmann came along.


5. And of course, get ready for a love story: 

What’s a coming-of-age story without a little love and heartbreak involved? In this show, Justice Smith and Herizen Guardiola’s characters experience a bit of that. Because what’s a Baz Luhrmann’s production without some sort of love, it is his signature ! And it’s #givingusthefeels !



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